About Us

Sydney Airpot Limousines has operated for over 25 years providing  airport transfers, country Transfers, VIP Tours and range of other services.  The operation was led by George Stefas, who provided excellent service to his customers. George passed away in January 2020 and the business was sold to Milgate Tours and Limousines.  


About Milgate Tours and Limousines

MILGATE TOURS AND LIMOUSINES is a family business based in Arncliffe, close to Sydney Airport.  We provide a carefree experience travelling with friends, family or workmates on one of our pre-organised tours. We can also customise a tour to the specific interests of our travellers.

We cater for pre-organised groups of up to 7 passengers for short day tours, and up to 5 passengers for longer day and extended stay tours. We do not book individual seats.

Our Pre-packaged tours are designed to explore and discover the incredible history, geology, flora and fauna of the Greater Sydney region.  We also explore from the coast to the mountains and beyond, to the unique landscape of rural and remote NSW.

Our tours are flexible and you are welcome to create your own personalised tour.

George Stefas

4th May 1955 – 13th Jan 2020