Limousine Elderly Passengers

You can rely on us to take the upmost care of older passengers

Sydney Airport Limousines (SAL) is experienced in transporting elderly passengers who have ambulatory problems requiring careful assistance. This may include extra help with carrying luggage and supporting the client as they enter the limousine.  Our elderly clients are experts in telling us what they need to make sure they have a comfortable ride. We treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve as senior valued members of our community. We have a range of music that suits all age groups and cultural backgrounds. Some of our happiest clients are elderly Australians who enjoy the comfort, service, and security of travelling with a company that enjoys and values their patronage. SAL will supply a supporting step for those passengers who indicate that they have mobility constraints, and our specially fitted, wide running boards on the side of the limousines provide support for smoother access for elderly passengers.

Limousine Elderly Passengers

When booking, our elderly clients tell us whether they have high, medium, or low dependency for mobility. Our drivers are more than happy to assist with all luggage. We can also organise unloading arrangements that are more suitable for elderly passengers and those with mobility constraints.

On special occasions, why not leave the careful transport of your elderly relatives and friends to Sydney Airport Limousines and we will have them arriving with a smile on their faces.

Some of our clients also use Sydney Airport Limousines to take their elderly relatives on a day out or a brief holiday. We are experts in small group tours where our clients require disability-assisted accommodation and accessible rooms. On these tours, the driver and tour guide provide 24/7 assistance to our clients. Travelling in the countryside for a day or a weekend can make a substantial difference to the mental health of elderly people, and we are happy to work with our clients to meet the transport needs of their elderly relatives.

Sydney Airport Limousines – Mobility assistance

Sydney Airport Limousines is experienced in transporting passengers with mobility constraints who require the use of walkers and crutches.

Our vehicles are not equipped with wheelchair access, but we can transport a foldable wheelchair when requested through our booking process.